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Mood, Anxiety and Diet

Change One Meal, See How You Feel. Mood swings can trigger anxiety and depressive episodes during the day. If you experience daily mood swings, addressing your diet can help.

How Do Low Carb Diets Really Work?

I recently read an article featuring a number of misconceptions about how low carbohydrate diets achieve weight loss, and how the body works here: Fitness Truths: do carbs make you fat?

Sugar, Sugar

Sugar Facts: Such as, CDC reports the lifetime risk of diabetes in America is currently at 40% for an average 20 year old

LA asks: What's the best paleo cookbook?

The best cookbook depends on your needs and desires.

SC asks: Are there natural remedies for psoriasis?

I cannot tell you the underlying cause of your psoriasis, or if there is one; however, autoimmune conditions are frequently connected to diet and Vitamin D status.

JG asks about replacing carbohydrates with protein

I've started cutting carbs in my diet and replacing them with more protein. Should you start feeling tired a little as you begin?

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Ranked among the Top 5 Doctors in the Nation on the subject of Obesity, Diabetes and Sugar

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