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Celebrating 10 Years of Service to Our Community

Dr. Ann Childers MD, FAPA


Estrella Family Creamery Seized by the FDA--Why do

Have you heard about Estrella Family Creamery on the Washington coast?

Just Say 'No' to Skim Milk

It was cold, calm and sunny yesterday when I made my weekly trek through wooded Oregon roads to visit my farmer, Stacie Gordon, to purchase my rations of milk and eggs.

Butter Up, Buttercup!

Butter has long been a staple of diets of people who enjoy optimal health.

My Podcast with Jimmy Moore, LivinLaVidaLowCarb

My podcast interview with Jimmy Moore of LivinLaVidaLowCarb is posted.

Carbohydrates, Autism and ADHD

Dr. S asks, "What do you see as the role or roles of carbohydrate foods in the development of child mental disorders such as ADHD and autism?"

Stone Age Body, Space Age Diet: Nutrition, Metabol

Please join Dr. Robert Su and me for our podcast.

A No Carbohydrate Doctor?

Dr. Childers, I understand you are a low carbohydrate doctor. Does this mean you recommend your patients eat no carbohydrates at all?

Cultivate Your Inner Spa

Attractiveness is more than skin deep. It begins deep inside our bodies, starting with bones and organs, and finishing with nails, hair and skin.

Gluten-Free Foods Dangerous?

As a physician who works with diabetics and pre-diabetics I was dismayed by the November 4th Nightline broadcast ...

For Health and Longevity, Cut the Carbohydrates In

No one knows the exact reason people with mental health issues are more likely than people without mental illness to become insulin-resistant or diabetic, but they are.

Can Humans Eat Like Gorillas?

Dear Dr. Childers, The other day I had a disagreement with a vegan friend of mine. He says gorillas live on vegetation...

Your Two Brains: Your Brain, Your Gut and Mental H

Have you ever had a gut feeling? Does public speaking tie your stomach in knots?

Energy and Endurance for Work and School

If you work or go to school full time you know how tiring long days can be.

Fiber: Health or Hype?

Americans are obsessed with their digestive systems (little wonder, since the Standard American Diet—or SAD–gives them so much grief!).

Tweak Your Neurotransmitters for an Energy Boost

So many folks I talk to complain they feel tired and rundown during the day.

Exercise Your Right to Feel Good

No doubt about it, exercise does a mind good.

Kids, Food and Behavior: 5 Eating Tips for Better

Like all parents, you probably struggle at times with your child’s behavior.

Is Low Fat Making You Fat?

For decades in America, dietary fats have been demonized.

Ranked among the Top 5 Doctors in the Nation on the subject of Obesity, Diabetes and Sugar

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