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The WHO and Meat

The World Health Organization has a longstanding reputation for discouraging meat, and red meat in particular.

In defense of dietary meat, I pose this (long!) question:  Given that heme iron from meats (higher in red meat) is the most bioavailable iron source in the human diet ; that iron deficiency is on the rise in America in women of reproductive age (if these women become pregnant they may have complicated pregnancies and their infants may be born with permanent cognitive disabilities, or may acquire such disabilities within the first three years of life)  with the bulk of iron deficiency seen in children, whose natural developmental requirements render them particularly vulnerable to iron deficiency-related disability ; that longstanding iron deficiency in young children is associated with permanent cognitive impairments, even when iron is restored  ; that 15% of American children (1 in 7) currently have developmental disabilities , and iron deficiency/iron deficiency anemia is the most common nutritional deficiency worldwide  , is a move by the World Health Organization to discourage consumption of meat the most helpful dietary strategy for the health of nations?

Even the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends infants be weaned to meats and vegetables

I rest my case.


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