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Time to Reveal: Life Balance Coffee!

OK, folks, I am no expert on coffee specialties. And depending on your views or health conditions (anxiety, adrenal fatigue, lack of sleep, stomach upset, irritability, e.g.) coffee, caffeinated or not, may not be the best idea for you.   But for those fortunate coffee lovers who thrive on the bean, the aroma and flavor are irreplaceable.

This said, it is time for to share my Life Balance Coffee secret with you.

You will need:
Caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee beans, ground medium to medium-fine
1 TBSP powdered gelatin
1 TBSP (or to taste) unsalted ghee or clarified butter, from pastured cows
Unwhipped heavy organic whipping cream, preferably from pastured cows, to taste (optional) The ingredients listed on the carton should be limited to “cream”, and nothing else.
Stevia if you need a little sweetener; some folks prefer luo han guo.  I use KAL Pure Stevia (in the individual brown packs–just a tiny bit; it’s powerful stuff!), or a little Slim Sweet Lo Han.
Water just off the boil (about 210 degrees).

Before you begin, take time to find coffee you love.  If the aroma of the beans and the coffee’s flavor lift you into a state of bliss, caffeine notwithstanding, you’ve got the right stuff.  Life is to short to drink coffee you just tolerate.

Put 1 TBSP of gelatin powder in the bottom of your coffee cup.  You read that right, gelatin.  I use Great Lakes Gelatin, Kosher Beef type.  Dampen with water and mix it quickly to a smooth consistency, before it clumps; unless, of course, you prefer the texture of lumpy coffee, as some people do.  Gelatin gives your coffee a smooth and creamy mouth feel, while super charging your nutrition.  It makes me feel great, drops the aches in my joints, and it seems to whiten my teeth–wierd, right?  But I digress…

Make your morning coffee as you usually do.  I like to stir the grinds into a glass container full of just off the boil water (about 210 degrees F), let it stand for 4 minutes, then pour the mix through a filter into my cup.

Immediately after your filtered coffee reaches the cup, stir thoroughly by hand to mix in the gelatin until smooth, being sure to scrape gelatin from the bottom of the cup.  I use a 5 inch whisk for this purpose.

Mix in the ghee/clarified buttter, and if you wish, heavy unwhipped whipping cream to taste. Stir in sweetener if you like it that way.  The butter will probably float to the top; if so, it’s OK.  You might even see butter droplets from the heavy whipping cream.  If so, lucky you ????

That’s it!  Rich and delicious Life Balance Coffee!  Enjoy.

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