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Mood, Anxiety and Diet

Change One Meal, See How You Feel. Mood swings can trigger anxiety and depressive episodes during the day. If you experience daily mood swings, addressing your diet can help.

How Do Low Carb Diets Really Work?

I recently read an article featuring a number of misconceptions about how low carbohydrate diets achieve weight loss, and how the body works here: Fitness Truths: do carbs make you fat?

Sugar, Sugar

Sugar Facts: Such as, CDC reports the lifetime risk of diabetes in America is currently at 40% for an average 20 year old

LA asks: What's the best paleo cookbook?

The best cookbook depends on your needs and desires.

SC asks: Are there natural remedies for psoriasis?

I cannot tell you the underlying cause of your psoriasis, or if there is one; however, autoimmune conditions are frequently connected to diet and Vitamin D status.

JG asks about replacing carbohydrates with protein

I've started cutting carbs in my diet and replacing them with more protein. Should you start feeling tired a little as you begin?

CA, a 16 year old girl, asks:

I'm Interested in getting healthy and in shape, reducing sugar cravings, boosting energy level, any suggestions?

RK asks:

What is the best low carb diet ????

Why You Got Fat (and Why It Matters)

Did you know nearly 44% of American adults have diabetes or pre-diabetes? About 8.3% of American adults has diabetes, and 35% of American adults (more than 1 in every 3 adults ages 20 years and older) has pre-diabetes.

Jack LaLanne on Sugarholics

This morning I ran across this little gem of a video. It is a reminder that dietary wisdom has deep roots, and that what I post here is not new.

Is Your Brain Sugar Frosted?

What do sugar cravings, depression, brain fog, poor memory formation, ravenous hunger, over-eating, learning disabilities, daytime sleepiness/fatigue, obesity...

Attack of the Killer TMAOs!

Things that make you say, "Hmmm..."

Genetically Modified Foods and Your Health

Genetically modified (a.k.a. GMO, or Genetically Modified Organism) alfalfa is in the news. This novel engineered plant is now approved for use in the United States. Why should we be concerned?

How Can People Who Gorge on Fat ...

The Inuit Paradox by Patricia Gadsby. This article presents a conundrum for many of us.

My posts regarding statins at Forbes

How Rare Are Statin-Related Memory Issues? Very, according to Forbes.

Psychiatric Grand Rounds, Oregon Health and Scienc

On Tuesday March 6, 2012 from noon to 1 PM I will present Stone Age Body, Space Age Diet...

Stone Age Body, Space Age Diet: Nutrition, Metabol

I presented Psychiatric Grand Rounds this week, Stone Age Body, Space Age Diet: Nutrition, Metabolism and Mental Health.

Is Food Coloring Toxic?

Children encounter more artificial food dyes (food colorings) daily in items such as foods, beverages, medicines and toothpaste, than ever before.